Zucchini Pizza Boats

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Zucchini Pizza Boats                     If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, don’t worry, you can splurge without feeling guilty. Lean ground turkey is a great alternative to sausage and pepperoni. Make these Zucchini Pizza Boats using 3 of your favorite brands and you won’t […] Read More

Green Goddess Pizza

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Now is the time when summer graces us with the best produce, so why not turn them into a delicious summer pizza pie? Make this in the oven or on the grill using your Emile Henry Pizza Stone. Ingredients 1 zucchini 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 portion pizza dough Fine ground cornmeal Pesto […] Read More

Pizza with Ramps, Yellow Squash, Baby Kale, and Candied Almonds

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Ingredients 1 bunch ramps, cleaned and trimmed 1 yellow summer squash, sliced into ¼” rounds ½ cup whole almonds Granulated sugar Ricotta cheese Fresh parsley, chopped Fresh baby kale Pizza dough -7g instant dry yeast -120ml water -250g all-purpose flour -25g olive oil -1 ½ tsp salt Cornmeal Procedure In a small bowl combine the […] Read More

Emile Henry Pizza Stone Review

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Emile Henry Pizza Stone Review David Dial August 28, 2013 10:36 am – http://www.foodfanatic.com/2013/08/emile-henry-pizza-stone-review/ Emile Henry is known for their quality stone cookware, and the Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone is well worth the investment. As with all pizza stones, this stone can withstand the high heat necessary for pizza and bread baking. However, […] Read More

Emile Henry Pizza Stone recommended for cooking Perfect Pizza!

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Check out Good Housekeeping’s blog on pizza making.  They give 10 tips for perfect pizza.  Emile Henry’s pizza stone and grilling stone were recommended for cooking the pizza! The Emile Henry Pizza Stone is made of all natural materials and is manufactured using Emile Henry’s proprietary Flame® technology. The Pizza Stone can withstand high oven […] Read More

The New York Times loves the Emile Henry Pizza Stone!

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The new Emile Henry Pizza Stone was just featured in The New York Times as a high tech pizza stone.  Designed for the oven (conventional and convection) and also under the broiler.  As an extra bonus it can also be used on grills – gas, charcoal and natural wood.  As with all Emile Henry Flame […] Read More