Make a quick and easy Caprese Salad with the Rosle Tomato / Mozzarella Slicer!

17th August, 2010 - Posted by Tara - No Comments

During these hot days, cool down with a Caprese salad from Rosle.  It is quick and easy to make; especially with the Rolse Tomato and Mozzarella Slicer. Ingredients: 2 large red or yellow tomatoes, sliced 1/2 pound Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, drained, sliced 1 bunch fresh basil leaves 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons red wine […] Read More

Cuisipro Giveways from The Funky Monkey!

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The Funky Monkey is giving away 4 amazing kitchen tools from Cuisipro (Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, Mini Temp Tongs, Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, and Tempo Serving Ladle).   Visit Cuisipro and tell them one other item you would love to try.   Click “comments” below the blog entry posting and leave a message as your entry. It’s […] Read More

The New Cherry/Olive Pitter from Cuisipro Makes a Difficult Task a Breeze

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Delicious, nutritious and gorgeous – the Bing, the Rainier and the Blackstone, are just a few of the many varieties of cherries that are harvested ever year. Cherries are nature’s perfect snack. The only drawback to cherries is the pit. It needs to be removed for toddlers so they don’t swallow the pit by mistake […] Read More

Cleaning with Cuisipro!

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Cuisipro is there to help prepare food to perfection, and we’re also part of the cleanup. Our distinctive cleaning brushes, sponges and foam pumps make quick work of washing up. With our line of elegant and ergonomic cleaning tools, there are more options for the home cooking enthusiast. Foam Pump Sleek, modern styling and clever […] Read More

Enjoy the Bounty of Summer’s Fresh Ripe Tomatoes with help of the New RÖSLE Tomato/Mozzarella Slicer and the RÖSLE Tomato Cutter

10th August, 2009 - Posted by Tara - No Comments

The RÖSLE Tomato/Mozzarella Slicer and the RÖSLE Tomato Cutter are two new kitchen tools to help cook’s get the most from ripe summer tomatoes. The Tomato/Mozzarella slicer is designed for slicing these favorite summer foods with ease without smooshing them or creating uneven, unattractive pieces. The extra sharp blades are made from 18/10 stainless steel […] Read More

Cuisipro Presents the Compact Jar Opener – The Tool Exerts the Pressure, Not the Cook – Great for picnics!

21st May, 2009 - Posted by Tara - No Comments

Cuisipro’s Compact Jar Opener makes opening jars easy, even for the smallest of hands. The new tool fits onto jars ranging from little pickle jars or water bottles to large pasta sauce jars. A gentle twist with one hand is all it takes and lids loosen. One hand turns the lid; the other is free […] Read More

Make Clearer, Healthier Gravy, Soup and Stock with the Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator

5th February, 2009 - Posted by Susan - No Comments

New Castle, DE – 2008 – A new fat separator from Cuisipro makes healthy gravies, stocks and soups by separating out more fat from meat juices then other fat separators do.  The secret to the Cuisipro Deluxe Fat Separator is a plug that blocks the spout preventing fatty liquids from splashing into it and leaving […] Read More