Chocolate Peanut Butter “Cup” Cakes

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Duralex Picardie Tumblers can be used in many different ways, not just beverages. Since they are dishwasher safe, they make great dessert cups. Make these layered beauties in your Picardie’s, or get fancy and create your own.       Ingredients 1 store bought chocolate cake box mix 1 pint heavy cream ½ cup creamy […] Read More

Marble Cake with Light Chocolate Frosting

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Ingredients  1 cup butter, room temperature 1 cup granulated sugar 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour 2 tsp baking powder 4 eggs 2 tsp vanilla 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 cup milk Frosting 4 oz. cream cheese, room temperature ½ cup powdered sugar ½ cup melted chocolate Directions Preheat oven to 350F and grease an Emile […] Read More

Individual Flourless Chocolate Cakes

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Ingredients: Butter or cooking spray for greasing ramekins 3.5 ounces bittersweet chocolate 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) unsalted butter 1/2 cup granulated sugar 2 large eggs, separated Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting Directions: Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Grease 7 Emile Henry Ramekins. In a double boiler over simmering water, melt the chocolate and butter until smooth. […] Read More

Chocolate Banana Cake

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Chocolate Banana Cake: From Jennifer Barsamian, Instagram: @liveeatlose I confess that I eat dessert every single night and yet I still manage to maintain my 150 lb. weight loss! It’s thanks to the Lékué minute cake mold that I am able to do this so that I am insured portion control. I don’t know […] Read More

Vanilla and Chocolate Cake Pops

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  Ingredients (1 mold) ½ cup sugar ¾ cup + 1 tbsp. self-rising flour 3 eggs 1 stick butter, room temperature 1 ½ cup chocolate candy melts Procedure Mix the first 4 ingredients together. For first time use, lightly grease or spray the Lekue Cake Pop mold. Fill the mold with the batter, place in […] Read More

Carrot Cake: From Jennifer Barsamian

31st July, 2014 - Posted by ksenior - No Comments

Follow Jennifer on her journey at and follow her on Instagram: @liveeatlose I am so excited to see that this actually worked and was a complete times saver! I have made this recipe in the oven before, but this was so much more gratifying and easy to do! It’s the perfect dessert or breakfast and […] Read More

Strawberry And Whipped Cream Layer Cake

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Here is a recipe from the not-yet-released Lekue Baking Cookbook! A light and refreshing summer dessert that is so easy to make, it will be your staple all season long. Purchase the Lekue DUO Springform Mold here:   Strawberry and Whipped Cream Layer Cake Ingredients 2 ½ cups heavy cream ½ cup sugar Pinch of […] Read More

Individual Vanilla and Lemon “Cup” Cakes

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Duralex glassware isn’t just for drinking; they can double as wonderful serving vessels for dessert. If you are hosting a party or brunch for Mother’s Day, don’t go out and buy expensive pre-made sweets, create your own this year, not only will it be fun but it will save you money.   Ingredients (makes 16-20 […] Read More

Gianduia Minute Cakes

3rd February, 2014 - Posted by ksenior - No Comments

  Ingredients (4 cakes) 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter 113g Gianduia chocolate hazelnut spread 1/3 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/3 cup all-purpose flour Procedure Melt gianduia and butter in a microwave safe bowl or over a bain-marie. Whisk together sugar and eggs. Pour the gianduia/butter mixture into the sugar/eggs while whisking constantly (don’t want eggs […] Read More

Nutella Minute Cake

9th August, 2013 - Posted by ksenior - No Comments

Ingredients (for 4) ½ cup granulated sugar 6 tbsp cocoa powder 8 tbsp self-rising flour 6 tbsp vegetable oil 2 eggs 6 tbsp Nutella Hazelnut Spread Procedure Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk until thoroughly combined. Evenly distribute the batter between the four Lekue Minute Cake Cups, filling them just a bit […] Read More

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