Strawberry-Peach Bellini

26th June, 2017 - Posted by ksenior - No Comments

A Bellini is a cocktail that was created in Venice, Italy and traditionally made with peach nectar and Prosecco. This Bellini recipe uses a combination of peach juice and strawberry juice which adds bright, summer flavors and is very refreshing. It’s a perfect cocktail to serve at brunch.


Ingredients (for 2 cocktails)

1 ripe peach, pit removed and quartered

8 strawberries, stems removed

¾ cup champagne or Prosecco


Juice the peach followed by the strawberries using the centrifugal juicing function on your Novis Vita Juicer.

Whisk the juice together and pour half of the juice into each 9 oz. Duralex wine glass. Finish the cocktail by filling the rest of the glass with the champagne or Prosecco.



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