Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 11ppv for the entire recipe: from Jennifer Barsamian of, Instagram: @liveeatlose

I was starving the other evening and had no desire to cook. I found myself in Costco, purchasing an already made platter of shrimp cocktail! I wanted to eat something light and fresh and I was craving my Mediterranean roots! Quinoa is just about the only grain I will eat these days because it is incredibly healthy and high in protein. This gluten free grain comes from Peru and is so versatile in that you can eat it as a side dish or a main course and it’s equally delicious served warm or cold. I ate this with a green salad alongside my shrimp. This portion serves two as a main dish or four as a side dish.


½ cup white quinoa

1 cup water

Pinch of kosher salt

1/3 cup yellow pepper, diced

2 green scallion tops, diced

¼ cup parsley diced

2 oz. feta crumbled

Pepper to taste

2-3 pinched of dried mint


Place the quinoa, water and salt in your Lékué rice and grain cooker. Follow the package directions for cooking the Quinoa. I microwaved mine for approximately 6 min. You will know when it’s done and fork fluffy! While the Quinoa is still warm, place all of the other ingredients except for the feta into the grain cooker and stir. Place the lid back on top for a few minutes till you are ready to serve. Mix in the feta at the last moment and serve!

Other add-in ideas: Yogurt with mint or tzatziki, grilled shrimp or chicken, Greek olives, garbanzo beans.

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