Mauviel was featured in the recent House Beautiful 2011 Kitchen of the Year with Tyler Florence

21st October, 2011 - Posted by Tara - 1 Comment

Mauviel featured in House Beautiful

Mauviel copper cookware was recently featured in House Beautiful 2011 Kitchen of the Year with chef Tyler Florence.

Since 1830, Mauviel has manufactured the highest quality of copper cookware for professional and commercial markets. Mauviel cookware is offered in manufactured copper, stainless steel and aluminum that is unsurpassed in quality and design – praised by professional chefs and household cooks.

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January 11th, 2012 at 12:50 pm    

I know the price of copper is at an all-time high BUT when it comes to cookware you get what you pay for. You can buy a set of cookware for a couple of hundred dollars and you will be replacing it in 2 or 3 years. You can spend a little more and buy the big- name stainless brand with a copper core. What the copper-core manufacturer doesn’t tell you is that that thin layer of copper sandwiched between the stainless and aluminum is too thin to make a difference in heat conductivity that copper is famous for. But you spent $1500.00 for it! Bite the bullet. Buy 3mm thick Mauviel. You will never buy another set of cookware as long as you live and your great-grandchildren will use it too. If you can’t afford to plunk down the cost of a whole set at one time, spend the $300. (cost of the cheapest big name sets out there) for one good Mauviel saucepan. In a year or so when you would be replacing the cheapo set, buy another Mauviel pan. Repeat this until you have all the wonderful, high quality Mauviel cookware you can use.

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