Individual Rectangular Baking Dish for Single Servings, Small Ovens and Sides Serve a Dinner Plate: Sophisticated, Durable and Beautiful

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An individual baking dish slides into the oven next to a larger baking dish, it is sized just right for an individual casserole or a macaroni and cheese or a side of roasted veggies or baked pasta or a fruit crumble. The new 8inch x 5inch individual rectangular baker, 16oz capacity, is a sensational dinner […] Read More

Rösle Introduces Dual Function Steak Thermometers

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Rösle debuts the Steak and Meat Thermometer Set to make grilling, roasting and pan-frying meat easy. These dual function thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking meats. The thermometers monitor the internal temperature of a steak so a cook knows exactly when a steak is done. This set includes four thermometers so a cook can […] Read More

GET YOUR CUISIPRO CHERRY PITTER NOW – As seen in the recent issue of Fine Cooking Magazine

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There are lots of ways to pit a cherry, and if you cook with cherries often, it’s worth buying a dedicated cherry pitting tool.  The hand-held Cuisipro Cherry Pitter model improves on the standard design by adding a shovel-like edge to the pitter, allowing for quick, one-handed scooping up and pitting of single cherries. Read More

Emile Henry Presents a Sassy New Mini Bowl In Sand, Slate, Sky, Figue and Nougat

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Invite color and style to the table with the sassy Mini Bowl from Emile Henry. The mini is 4.3inches in diameter, perfect for appetizers, salsas, jams, dips and condiments. The Mini Bowl is glazed in the serene and light-hearted colors of sand, slate, sky, figue and nougat. This urban bistro-style bowl is made from all […] Read More

Cuisipro Silicone Paddle Whisk featured in Better Homes and Gardens!

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The Cuisipro silicone paddle whisk was named “better tool” by Better Homes and Garden Magazine. This whisk doubles as a spatula, with flat silicon-coated wires that scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl or pan while whisking. It won’t scratch nonstick surfaces, is heat-resistant to 525 degrees F for stirring in hot pans, and […] Read More

Participate in NATIONAL ARTHRITIS AWARENESS MONTH by using Emile Henry Flame!

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Emile Henry has partnered with the Arthritis Foundation to help raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation and the 46 million people who suffer from arthritis and related conditions. Emile Henry Flame-Top cookware, which is 30% lighter than comparable metal cookware is the focal point for this campaign. Flame-Top requires less strength and effort […] Read More