The New Cuisipro Citrus Juicer is a Simple Hand Juicer with an Attitude

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Cuisipro Citrus Juicer

The new Cuisipro Citrus Juicer is a hand juicer, a tool usually considered a basic. But there is nothing basic about this juicer. It packs in so many features that it outperforms some electric juicers. The 8inch x 6inch oval shaped orange yellow juicer comes with an angled clear measuring cup, two reamers and a pulp selector.

The juicer and the measuring cup are shaped at an ergonomic angle that makes the juicer look a little more like a flying saucer coming in for a landing then a typical round juicer ready to be used to ream fruit. The reamer is angled so that its cuts through the pulp and fibrous tissue extracting the juice with ease requiring less pressure and elbow grease.

The juicer includes two reamers: one size for lemons, limes and small oranges and another, removable reamer, for large oranges and grapefruits. In addition, the juicer includes a pulp selector that lets the person doing the juicing decide what goes through the sieve: no pulp or seeds, a little pulp, or a lot of pulp. The clear plastic cup holds up to 1-cup juice and the measurements are marked on the cup.

Cuisipro Hand Citrus Juicer is a Simple Tool with a lot of Punch:

  • Extracts Juice with Little Effort
  • Catches Seeds/Pulp
  • Allows for Pulp Selection
  • Includes two reamers for small/large fruit
  • Includes an Ergonomic Measuring Cup

The Cuisipro Citrus Juicer is dishwasher, top shelf, safe and backed by a 25-year warranty.  It retails for $18. View the Cuisipro Citrus Juicer now.

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