The New Cherry/Olive Pitter from Cuisipro Makes a Difficult Task a Breeze

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Cuisipro Cherry/Olive Pitter

Delicious, nutritious and gorgeous – the Bing, the Rainier and the Blackstone, are just a few of the many varieties of cherries that are harvested ever year. Cherries are nature’s perfect snack. The only drawback to cherries is the pit. It needs to be removed for toddlers so they don’t swallow the pit by mistake and it needs to be removed for baking and cooking. The de-pitting process is usually less than ideal. A knife mangles the cherries, some gadgets squish the cherries, some gadgets splatter the staining juice and some gadgets are cumbersome.

The new Cherry/Olive Pitter from Cuisipro solves all of these problems. It removes pits with ease and leaves the delightful red orbs intact. A cook can pit a basket of cherries in minutes and use them as a topping for the classic cheesecake or in cupcakes or pies or to just gobble up.

The Cuisipro Cherry/Olive pitter is a one-hand operated tool that requires very little strength to pit cherries of all sizes and varieties as well as many olives. The 7-inch long black tool is a press that sits comfortably in the palm of the hand. It features a scoop for dipping into a basket and picking up a cherry, a silicone cup that gently holds cherries and olives and a splash guard to protect cooks from splattering juices. A simple squeeze of the handle presses the pit out of the cherry or olive and leaves a perfect piece of fruit for cooking, garnishing or eating.

The new pitter lets cooks take advantage of vitamin C packed cherries in smoothies, ice cream, cakes, pies and stews.The Cherry/Olive Pitter from Cuisipro retails for $12 and will be available in stores in March 2010. It can be cleaned on the top shelf of the dishwasher and it is backed by a 25-year warranty. The tool locks closed to fit in a drawer.

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