Kid-Friendly Spring Activities with Cuisipro Snap Fit Cookie Cutters

25th March, 2010 - Posted by Tara - No Comments

Cuisipro presents kid-friendly Snap Fit Cookie Cutters sets designed for tight, compact storage and easy to cut and release cookies. Each of the sets features three cookie cutters. These sets are great for Spring – a purple zoo, a blue nautical, a green train and a yellow farm.

Designed for baking with kids, these cookie cutters remove all the frustration in cooking cutting. The Snap Fit Cookie Cutters are made of a durable plastic that makes seamless cuts and the nonstick properties of the cutters allows the dough to release easily and cleanly. Since the cookes cutters are made of plastic, there are no sharp edges and they can be washed in dishwashwer. The cookie cutters won’t rust or bend out of shape.

View all Cuisipro Snap Fit Cookie Cutters now.

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