Emile Henry’s Nougat – A Creamy Color as Delightful as the Confection and perfect for your Spring Holiday

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Emile Henry's Urban Collection

Emile Henry Nougat, a creamy color that adds warmth and contrast to the table. When mixed with other colors in the Urban Collection such as sand and the slate, the tableware and ovenware becomes a feast for the eyes. The Urban Collection is both young and traditional, classic and pop. Créme nougat, a confection made from sugar and nuts, has been popular in France since the 18 century. Like the confection that this new color is so aptly named after, Nougat is sophisticated, elegant and lovely. A delightfully simple color that compliments everything else on the table.

Like the traditional Emile Henry table and ovenware, the Urban Collection is made in the heartland of France, home to prized Burgundy wines, fine rustic French cooking and the excellent properties of clay that Emile Henry has been using for over a century and a half to make its famous cookware. Burgundy clay is known for its superb heat diffusion and retention—two characteristics that ensure culinary success. Emile Henry pottery transmits an even, steady heat, and retains it sufficiently to keep foods hot longer at the table. A dish can be prepared ahead of time, refrigerated or frozen, placed directly into a preheated oven or in the microwave, and served right at the table. Emile Henry products are not only strong enough to withstand the abrupt temperature changes of freezer-to-oven cooking, but are also beautiful enough to join the dinner party, now an urban dinner.

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