RÖSLE Blends Stainless Steel and Silicone to Create Collapsible Colanders

27th October, 2009 - Posted by Tara - 1 Comment

RÖSLE blends stainless steel and silicone to create collapsible colanders that are space saving, easy to clean and sturdy to carry. These two new Collapsible Colanders from RÖSLE combine the strength of stability of stainless steel with the nonstick collapsible properties of silicone. The 8inch diameter and the 10inch diameter colanders are manufactured with metal […] Read More

ROSLE Basting Spoon Featured in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

25th October, 2009 - Posted by Tara - No Comments

Cook’s Illustrated Magazine featured the ROSLE Basting Spoon with Hook Handle as “Good to be Shallow”.  They tested 5 models in stainless steel, silicone, and fiberglass and found the ROSLE Basting Spoon as the winner.  There comments on the ROSLE Basting Spoon were:  “The shallow bowl of this stainless-steel winner made tipping the pan unnecessary, […] Read More

Bake for Cause with the Emile Henry Pink Pie Dish For Savory Entrees, Decadent Desserts and Breast Cancer Research

13th October, 2009 - Posted by Tara - No Comments

Baking has never been so important. Emile Henry features the Bake for the Cause pink pie dish that is both practical and elegant. The 9-inch pie dish features a classic scalloped, curvy rim and a warm pink color that is both lovely and refreshing. Emile Henry donates 10 percent of the retail sales from each […] Read More

Reduce Colds and Germs with Extra Hand Washing Made Fun with Cuisipro’s New Foam Pump

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During this cold season – reduce colds and germs with extra hand washing made fun with Cuisipro’s new foam pump that mixes air, water and liquid soap to get foam. Hand washing won’t be short changed with this new foam pump from Cuisipro.  Economically and ecologically smart, this new foam pump blends air, water and […] Read More